I become easily attached to the idea of you loving me, Even artificially, The idea of we, The fantasy of family. Can it be? Can we paint the world green?


I would invite you to my garden Lure you in with my beauty, Invite you to uproot me, Take me to a new home, But my roses have thorns, I can only draw blood.


I made a mockery of friendships. Took kindness for granted. Took every sweet thought and twisted it. Used my tongue as a blade, cutting into him with no mercy, I watched the frustration leave, And listened to every desperate plea. You said you love me. I said I gave you no reason. My mood bends … Continue reading Karma


You've been gone long, I was certain of your return, Patiently waiting for you to remember, that I've always been here. Watching you search. Watching you love him or her more than me. But no one else can compare, to the love that runs through your own veins, The infinite ecstasy that set the glow … Continue reading Maxwell