Yogini Reflection

Yesterday I practiced yoga at the park. I oped out of using a mat and allowed my bare soles to connect with the earth. Focusing on my breath I felt the fresh air flowing through my body with each inhale and exhale. I listened. I listened to the children playing, the huge mama queen bees flying near me, the cheers from the group of adults playing kickball not that far from me. I observed the calmness within me and melted into an internal smile, for in that moment was perfection. I was present and only when I am present do I experience true peace. Its a constant awareness and practice to be present. No one is 100% present all of the time. We sometimes have to let go of a recurring thought, idea, or memory. Remaining present does wonders for your overall health and a way to truly  balance your emotions. These three things help me snap back to the present when I’m feeling off.


Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! Be a walking meditation. No matter where you are, take that moment to take a take a deep breath, fill your belly, and exhale slowly. Focus on your breath so that your mind can take a break from all the words and images running through it. If the thoughts are persistent, use the power of your mind to direct those thoughts and visualize what it is that makes you happy. Family, food, nature…visualize only that. Feel the tension release. Smile!

Journal! Ever feel anxiety and couldn’t pin point why. Or you may know why but can’t shake the emotion. I found journaling to be a way to reveal the underlying issue. What it is that’s really bothering me, and to bring peace. You can simply start by free writing, writing whatever it is that pops in your mind, or you can ask yourself specific questions. Write out the questions and answers. Are you present? What are you doing? What are you thinking about? Are they the same thing? What do you see? What do you rather see? These questions may help you put things in perspective so that you can move forward with your presence in full attendance.

Concentrate! This for me can sometimes be the hardest! Why? Because I’m a dreamer that’s why. I love to daydream. My mind wanders and I sink into this blissful type of place where my imagination is the most interesting thing in the world. I have to snap out of it! And that’s OK 🙂 A way I do this is by focusing on the task at hand no matter how little it is. No multi tasking, no thinking about what I did or what I about to do. Just what I’m doing now. If I’m not working on a task, create one! Even if it’s people watching, focus on whats in front of you. Be in the now. 


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