Yogini Reflections

The art of letting go,
Is like any other art. An expression of life. A visual communication unique to one’s experiences and imagination. It requires practice, fine tuning, awareness, patience and non judgement of yourself. At times you have to stop and hit redo, reinvent, and watch your art rebirth again. I view my life as I would a paintbrush, instrument, fabric, movement, a piece of paper. With an excitement to create, willingness to change, readiness to reinvent, motivation to complete, and the sincerity to let go of the experience once finished, to be open to starting another chapter. Its natural to let go.  The slower you breathe the easier it gets. Your lungs seem to expand. As do your mind and reality. The more you let go of resistance the more you expand on all planes. The resistance comes when you do not let go. When you know the truth but choose fear. Fear prompts you to hide. To doubt, To resist change, To run from the light. Roller coaster rides are always better when you release your grip on “control” and let your hands fly towards the sky. To let go is to find the courage to sink into bliss. To find yourself in a space of balance between the mind and heart. An acceptance that silences the confusion, the worry, the distrust in the universe.

“Everyday I practice the art of letting go. “

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