3 Benefits of Beeswax Candles

The source and low toxicity of beeswax candles makes it the better selection between paraffin or soy candles. Paraffin and Soy wax both come from unsustainable sources and has been found to let off a host of chemicals that lead to adverse effects on the body. Below are my top 3 reasons for choosing beeswax candles.

Deeper spiritual connection to nature

Honey is made from the wax producing glands located in the abdominal segment of the bees. You can search for your local bee keeping farms and connect directly to the source. Having an awareness of the cultivation process, the productivity of the bees in nature and on the ecosystem makes burning your candles a little more purposeful.

Healing Effect

Since beeswax candles are all natural, they do not let off toxic fumes made from byproducts or heavy soot that can lead to physical ailments. In fact, they help neutralize and purify pollutants in the air by producing negative ions when burned.

No need for synthetic fragrances

Beeswax naturally has a light honey scent which smells great having a calming effect on the mind. This makes beeswax candles perfect for meditation. Fragrances and even essential oils when burned, the molecular structure changes causing pollution in the air. When you meditate, scents can be distracting or even have an adverse effect on the body. You can skip those risks by using beeswax candles.

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