China Can Make It Rain?

China will start making rain once a system it is building in the Tibetan mountains succeeds.

According to Chinese newspaper, South China Morning Post, the country is going to install an “enormous network of fuel-burning chambers” high up on the Tibetan mountains and this is going to increase rainfall in the region by up to 10 billion cubic metres a year.

This according to estimates will account to about 7 per cent of China’s total water consumption.

The researchers involved in the project told the daily newspaper that tens of thousands of chambers will be built at selected locations across the Tibetan plateau, Asia’s biggest freshwater reserve, to produce rainfall over a total area of about 1.6 million square kilometres – the size of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The reports say that the chambers will burn solid fuel to produce silver iodide, a cloud-seeding agent with a crystalline structure much like ice.  The chambers are being built on steep mountain ridges facing the moist monsoon from south Asia and as the winds hits the mountain, it will produce an upward draft and sweeps the particles into the clouds to induce rain and snow.

China and other countries, including Russia and the United States, have been researching ways to trigger natural disasters such as floods, droughts and tornadoes to weaken their enemies in the event of severe conflict.


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