Vegan Flava Fest

Voted the best vegan friendly restaurant in Durham, NC Vegan Flava has a new location. Still in Durham, but closer to Northgate mall, now located at 1720 guess rd. Suite 18 Durham, N.C. This past Sunday I attended the Vegan Flava Fest, the official re-welcoming event, and it was packed. The vegan tasting event had a line out the door to order their sample platter of each item on the menu, including desserts and drinks. The menu has a selection of raw wraps with nut meat, sea moss, raw desserts, and more.

Husband & Wife team Yah-i & Maat created Vegan Flava Cafe in 2011 as a mobile catering business when they realized that the Durham area loved the unique flavor that the couple perfected in vegan food.  This grew into a food truck and finally a brick & Mortar business in 2015 in Durham with the help of an investor.  Vegan Flava is now a household word around the Durham/Chapel Hill area and beyond.

Besides providing a selection of creative, soyless, gluten and wheat free options the couples are also authors of “Whatz in Your Womb?” by Maat Em Maakheru and“Is Your Self Worth Pseudo it Sincere” by Yah-I Ausar Tafari Amen.

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