The WOCO Hiking and Sound Healing Experience : Patapsco Valley Park

The WOCO Hiking and Sound Healing experience is a series of hikes that connects like minded women. We come together to discuss different topics on spirituality, elevating consciousness, and maintaining a balance and feeling of peace though out our day to day lives. We take a break along the hike to practice yoga, journaling, sound healing, and meditation techniques. This past Sunday we had our first hike!

My sister friend and partner Ralinda prepared some tasty vegan blueberry muffins and plenty of juicy fruits, ginger, and watercress to juice! Three of the women choose the option to meet us at Ralinda’s house for breakfast. The rest of the ladies opted to meet us at the park instead. Music and laughter filled the kitchen as we had fun taking turns juicing and sipping. After breakfast we headed out to Patapsco Valley State Park, a park well known for its scenery and over 200 miles of trials. I learned upon arrival that it is celebrated as Maryland’s first state park.

There was some miscommunication regarding our meeting point and some parts of our group were parked on the other side of the park. The mix up pushed our starting time back an hour but thankfully once we all made it to Cascade Trails everyone’s energy was high, positive and after a deep stretch ready to start. There were nine of us in total. I was so excited to hear how the women found out about the hike and their reasons for coming. Nature has a way of encouraging even the shyest person in the group to open up and express their selves freely. A sense of serenity takes over when you’re walking through the trees allowing you to just relax and be. It was a pleasure hearing the women share stories about their busy week, roller coaster of emotions, and the peacefulness they were thankful to be experiencing at the moment.


We found a nice clearing closer to the water where we all settled to journal and meditate. This hike’s topic was the Conservation of Energy. We discussed being mindful of what and where we direct our energy. Being constantly aware of the value of self and the importance of balancing our emotions to be in alignment with the universe. We know that its a daily practice of observing and releasing. We encouraged each other to just breathe, to not rush, to move with precision, and to not apply pressure. The women were asked to free write, which is writing whatever comes to your mind whether it makes sense or not, just to calm the voice within us and prepare for the sound healing portion. My other sister friend and partner Shima plays the flute. Not only does she play the flute she allows her soul and passion to flow with the flute producing harmonious meditative melodies. Ralinda brought her singing bowl and the sound healing was on. After a slight guidance on breathing deeply everyone focused on the sounds of the water, singing bowl, and the flute.  It was truly a beautiful experience!


Once the mediation was finished we headed back to where the journey first started. We hiked about 2.5 miles, walking across fallen tree logs or jumping from rock to rock to cross the steams. The hike itself was light and fun, perfect for our first meetup. It was a joy connecting with the women and I look forward to the next Hike.


Check out our website and follow us on instagram @awildseed, @tinymoonn, @hiimshima , @lifeisexpansion to get updates on our next adventure!

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