Journal Entry


I release the fear of rejection. The fear of rejection has led me to believe that I don’t deserve what my heart desires. Believing this has caused me to shame pleasure. This fear has caused me to suppress my creativity; all at a young age. The fear of rejection held a grip on insecurities growing up. Which led me on the subconscious journey of seeking validation from friends and family; in whatever form given. A validation I never received nor felt because I didn’t approve of myself. That was then. I face this fear and peel back the illusion.

The fear of rejection is gone and I embrace acceptance. Acceptance of my own true purpose, my own intuitive wisdom, my own powers. Acceptance which links trust in the universe; trust in destiny. Allowing and accepting the experiences, the circumstances, the people that are brought into my life. Knowing that each has a connected purpose in elevating and shape shifting my reality. Every experience is a puzzle piece to my life. Directions on my map of exploration. I trust, accept, and allow all these experiences, circumstances, and people to come into my life like the waves of the sea, pushing and receding. Or like the wind, savoring the breeze, and still appreciative after it leaves. With the release of fear of rejection I gain the strength to walk away from people, experiences, and circumstances that does not serve me. I have the strength to reject all that isn’t expanding towards my highest potential. I have the strength to love gently and unselfishly. I love with no expectations. I will no longer fear rejection. There is no such thing. What is for me, will be true. What is no longer for me, will be false. Both will be undeniable. Which I give thanks for.

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