Why Ladybug?

We can learn a lot about manifestation through children and ladybugs. Children are curious little beings viewing life from a fresh perspective. Their open minds are hungry to learn more. The excitement for life flows freely and infectiously.

Besides ladybugs being a gardener’s best friend due to their diet of pests they also symbolizes your inner child, luck, and abundance. You marvel at the bright red and black spots of the ladybug when it makes a rare appearance. It tugs on your playful and joyful spirit. Just like the cloud that caught your attention or the flower you stopped to admire. That moment when there is stillness within and awareness of all external movements, big and subtle. In that moment is where the magic lies. You can tap into that magic at any moment. We often call that magic, luck, when it manifest itself.

For me, Ladybug is the driving force behind my manifestations. Tapping into my inner child gives me the awareness to see the thrill in the midst of chaos. The optimistic child sees a stream of possibilities in a frame of uncertainty. The most important is the ability to embrace change. Children imagine change, look forward to change, even expect change! They are delighted at the growth of their mind, body, and environment.

Move through your day with the heart of a child. Remain receptive to new ideas, new people, and new opportunities. Embrace change! We are constantly evolving and it feels awesome to be flexible. Flexibility aligns you with harmony. You are flowing with the innate flow of the universe. If you have nothing else to be excited about, simply be excited about living. There is a timeless frequency of love available for you to tune into. Make yourself laugh today! Be open, honest, and pure. Lighten up your heart and strengthen your faith in destiny.

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